Cash logistics

Edsson company provides a complex solution for all parties in the cash supply chain. In general, when client-company or ATM need cash, it means that cash should be ordered in the bank and delivered by a third-party company to the client. Our clients are banks, cash centers, cash in transit companies, retailers who need cash and ATM services.

Implemented projects

Our regular customers include large and medium-sized enterprises. The work of many companies depend on our services every day.

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We provide our clients:

  • Easy to use web portal for banks, cash in transit companies and retails business;
  • Web solution for cash centers in the cash supply chain;
  • Web solution to support ATM, cash collecting and dispensing machines;
  • Optimization for ATMs – order only coins and notes that needed;
  • Service desk to work with incidents from ATMs and cash machines;
  • Mobile application to track ordered cash.

The web portal allows to plan, order, track, collect and deliver cash from the perspective of all parties in the cash supply chain. Web part for cash centers allows to track all cash stock movements, calculate, detect and clear discrepancies.

Web solution for cash machines allows configuring any type of cash collecting or dispensing machines. Receive data from the machine and track what is going inside. Set indicators for each machine: when cash is going really low or high, you can react immediately, deliver or collect cash.  Create orders to service machines: deliver or collect coins and notes.  Our service desk will help you to receive incidents from machines, track progress and report service execution.

Our optimization software keeps historical data of cash machine usage and builds a forecast per selected weekday per denomination (coin or banknote) how a machine will be used in the future. The forecast will help to answer the questions. How long machine will be able to work with current cash inside? When services will need to add cash to the machine? (Or when services will need to empty machine if this is a cash collection machine.) Does service need to deliver all coins and notes for machine work in the future or just add some denominations? Our software will make an order according to the forecast only for those coins and notes that needed. 

Edsson is a partner of Transtrack International company. Edsson has developed an industry solution for the Cash-In-Transit process.

We are proud that our software used for more than 5 years in Europe, the Middle East and South Africa. We optimize more than thousand cash machines all over Europe.

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