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Software development with perfect technical implementation, advanced UI, creative graphics and optimal cost

Top 10 reasons why customers choose Edsson

A High-end Software Development Process

Our work process is specially designed for developing sophisticated software and managing software development from the first list of requirements to the complete solution, within your budget and time constraints.

Edsson excels in managing highly complex business software in distributed and multi-platform environments.

Top 10 reasons why customers choose Edsson

A Full-cycle Software Engineering Company

Edsson focuses on product engineering for independent software vendors (ISV) and start-ups with the right people, knowledge, business processes, and facilities in place.

Full-cycle services ensure our customers have the opportunity to focus their business on key processes like marketing, customer relations, and product management, while all activities related to product design, development, QA, remote implementation, and second-line support can be outsourced to Edsson.

Top 10 reasons why customers choose Edsson

Professional Software Design Services reducing the Total Cost of Outsourcing

In the classical outsourcing model software design work performed in-house by employees from high labor cost, that minimize benefits of software development in low labor cost region.

With its own experienced business analysts, Edsson makes the outsourcing model truly cost-effective by combining software development with business analysis, R&D, and detailed software design services from a single provider.

Top 10 reasons why customers choose Edsson

Talented and Skilled Professionals

Our development centre in Ukraine takes advantage of the country's excellence in mathematics and science education, ensuring a strong talent pool of professionals available to work with us.

Edsson has created a corporate culture with a focus on the selection of talented, creative, and critical-thinking people to offer our customers only highest experienced individuals to work on their projects. 

Every Edsson employee has a degree from a leading Ukrainian Technical University and over half of all them graduated with honours.

Top 10 reasons why customers choose Edsson

Shared Resources in Global Delivery

Our dedication to each of our customers means that our employees often act as an additional part of customer's team and often presented to end-clients as a member of your staff. This gives smaller companies additional value as the expertise they receive from their Edsson team means they have increased capability to show their clients their expertise and the ability to take on larger projects.

Through Edsson’s network of international sales offices, our customers can quickly access new markets for their software products.

Top 10 reasons why customers choose Edsson

Scalable Teams and Knowledge

Of all the Eastern European outsourcing destinations, Ukraine has the biggest IT community. Every year, thousands of young graduates join the IT job market. This ensures that your long-term growth with Edsson is guaranteed.

When a project is finished, we distribute the personnel among our other projects to keep the knowledge within the company. This ensures that we’ll have knowledgeable and experienced technicians on hand when our customers need them again.

Top 10 reasons why customers choose Edsson

Effective Engagement Models

As a medium-sized company Edsson is more than capable of developing and providing personalised business models for customers with all possible methods of engagement and cooperation considered. These include:

  • Fixed-time/Fixed-price projects
  • Time and material projects with invoice on completion
  • Dedicated customer teams
  • Outstaffing

Top 10 reasons why customers choose Edsson

Exclusive Near-shore Advantages for the EMEA Region

The location of Edsson’s development centre in Ukraine has big advantagesfor customers from Europe and the Middle East. These benefits include:

  • Short-time flight from customer's locations to the Development Centre in Kyiv.
  • The same time zone or a minimal time difference for many locations.
  • No Visa required to visit Ukraine for EU, UK, US and Israeli citizens.

Top 10 reasons why customers choose Edsson

Western Cultural Orientation

There are dozens of outsourcing destinations available globally, but few of them could be quickly adopted by European or US companies due to differences in cultural expectations and a lack of understanding.

Ukraine is a European country with an international business culture and a western cultural orientation and we are able to adapt and develop our project work with a clear understanding and acceptance of cultural differences. Our experience makes us perfectly primed for the Western market whilst also working efficiently and effectively with many clients in the Middle East.

Top 10 reasons why customers choose Edsson

Best value for your money

We guarantee the best possible value for our customers. Software development outsourcing can become expensive but with a Ukrainian software development centre and team, Edsson ensures competitive pricing and costs for our customers.

There are plenty of lower labour cost areas around the world but if you take into account the key factors: the education level, number of professionals available and the culture and tradition in the area, Ukraine truly comes out on top.

Technologies used

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Windows XML HTML, HTML5 Visual Studio JavaScript Google Docs
HTTP Notepad++ Dropbox C# Microsoft SQL SVN
Visual Studio JavaScript Google Docs
HTTP Notepad++ Dropbox
C# Microsoft SQL SVN

One of the key requirements of a successful software development company is a high level of experience with the relevant tools and technologies.
At Edsson we are committed to offering our customers services across all major software platforms used in the creation and implementation of business software.
With a close vendor and developer community partnership we are highly experienced with Microsoft .NET, Oracle, Java, Apple iOS, Google Android, Progress OpenEdge, Sonic, ABBYY, 1C and Open Source Technology.

What Do Our Customers Think?

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Ronald Van Vliet

Managing Director of Transtrack International

Edsson translated our need for technology change into a business change.

Instead of rebuilding our software directly on another platform, Edsson advised us to build a web portal which, at the end, also replaced all functionality of our existing applications.

Our customers and TransTrack itself were able to profit directly from this plan.

Joris Welten

Owner of Online Golf Systems

We were facing a difficult task - to develop the world's best solution for managing golf clubs and courses in a SaaS architecture.

Whilst we had a lot of ideas we also had a small budget and we realised we had to outsource software development to an affordable software development company. Since we wanted to be able to communicate with the team in real time on occasion we chose Edsson in the Ukraine.

The end result, which was created for us by Edsson, surpassed our expectations - they are very smart guys who understand everything on the fly.

We are very pleased to be working with Edsson, also because when our start-up business experienced temporary financial difficulties, Edsson understood and worked almost half a year on credit.

Thanks to Edsson’s support we overcame our cash problems and are now able to sign up new customers that contribute to our success!

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