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Case Studies

Learn how our decade-long expertise and experience have helped our clients achieve their vision and goals through software solutions and digital transformation.

ATM forecast and optimization
Solution for banks to optimize ATM network servicing cost versus interest cost of the residual cash, within the constraints of service schedules contracted with cash in transit (CIT). Supports ATMs or other cash collecting or dispensing machines.Daily turnover is forecasted per machine per weekday per denomination, based on historical turnover data, seasonal trends and special periods like Christmas are taken into account when data is sufficient.Order content per denomination per machine is optimized so that machine lasts until the next forecasted service date with target percentage of residual cash. Fallback orders can be created also for the next service date for the case of data or service unavailability. In production: 3 years.Place of implementations: over Europe with thousands of optimized machines.
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Customer from Israel patented new method of “keyless” VPN system, where pairs of secure/open keys generated and checked without hardware key generators. Edsson developed user interface with precise HTML5 graphics. System communicated with interface via web-services.
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Software branding and identity
Open Store is a system of interrelated and independent modules, which providing automatization to sales process, control and accounting for stores.This software package includes a full range of solutions for any type and form of trade. It also contains a flexible adaptation to individual requirements and communication with other systems operating in the store, such as accounting applications, video surveillance systems, programs and other enterprise management.
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Custom CRM Solution
Scalable and multi-language solution arranges relation management between provider and suppliers of printing materials. Including counteragents and contact persons management, storing of notes, calls, documents, possibility of creating projects with several activities. Complex role model with different rights and access to functional Tracking orders from receiving product in warehouse to delivering it to stores.
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Self-service time registration on iPAD
Employees has to register worked hours. This has to be done every day. The employee has to clarify which activities he/she has done, and if applicable, on which (sub)project these activities are ‘spent’. Self learning system place most used activities first in the list. The user interface supports multiple languages. Touch screen enabled Export to MS Dynamics NAV.
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Android-based software for golf
Mobile Android application allows players to use their profile in web-based application on mobile device. Includes filling in results of golf game; automatic exchange of scores with golf federation; browse news of golf clubs and federations. Provides extended statistics: review of own results; maintenance histories and change indicators; high scores and wall of fame. Free of charge application available for OGS subscribers. References: contact Joris Welten from Online Golf Systems
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