Our custom software solutions developed for the automotive industry are designed to improve customer retention and acquisition through client automation tools and streamlined database management.

Innovative engineering custom solutions prompt faster delivery of connected care solutions, improve automotive cybersecurity and vehicle health monitoring systems; provide advanced navigation and dealership management services.

We create comprehensive solutions to complex marketing, sales and pricing problems that have a significant impact on our clients’ top and bottom lines, both now and into the future. Furthermore, as the industry faces significant upheaval, with increased price pressure and competition and rising uncertainty, we are leading our automotive clients into new areas such as digitalization, the transition to hybrid and electric cars, and the emergence of self-driving cars.

In addition to automation, hyperautomation refers to the interaction between humans and algorithms and the interaction between different technologies. The automation of complex business processes is also one of the long-term goals of hyperautomation.

The focus is on combining advanced technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI). As a result, the detection, analysis, design, and control of process steps are continuously optimized by means of automation.

Our Teams Help Client With

  • Increased system availability & maximization of the entire system service life
  • Improved interaction with customers & increased customer satisfaction
  • Long-term customer loyalty
  • Minimization of manual effort and reduction of costs in the area of service and maintenance through automatic entry of orders
  • Optimized technician deployment planning & improved inventory management
  • Development of new business areas and associated sales potential for long-term positioning as a leader in a densely populated market environment
  • Higher product quality through information & and integration into earlier phases of the product life cycle

We treat our clients as our strategic partners and aim for long-lasting future-proof results.

Service plans

We offer a selection of services & plans, to meet our client’s goals. We will launch your product to the highest level!


  • - Consultancy
  • - Management
  • - Full Time Equivalent
  • - Add-on Services
  • - Launch & Production Support
  • - Digital Marketing

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