Retail & E-commerce

Changes in the social landscape and consumer lifestyles, increasing use of mobile apps, shorter life cycles, and rising expectations of consumer needs, call for efficient and flexible software solutions.

At Edsson, we combine industry expertise, proven analytical methods and tools, and global experience to deliver customized solutions that focus on the consumer. Our teams work closely with our client teams to build capabilities and processes that ensure that solutions work.

We Focus On

Developing and Implementing Competitive Retail Strategy

Execute a strategy that drives growth, customer satisfaction and profitability.

Process Optimization

Streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency through software solutions. Smoother workflows, reduced costs, and faster time-to-market.

Consumer-centric Approach

Putting customers at the heart of your business. Create loyalty, drive repeat purchases, and exceed customer expectations.

Developing Brand Portfolio Strategy

Develop and implement a brand portfolio strategy that optimizes market reach, enhances brand equity, and drives sales.

Enhancing and Improving Innovation Processes

Stay ahead with our software solutions and tools that enhance and improve your innovation processes.

Supporting & Improving Key Processes and Retail Management

Improve key retail processes, including inventory management, supply chains, pricing strategies, and more.

Our experts keep abreast of the latest trends that shape the retail industry and point software solutions toward a clear strategy for more growth. We work with retail clients to help them bring together deep understanding of customers’ needs and behaviors to identify the right software approach and optimized processes.

Service plans

We offer a selection of services & plans, to meet our client’s goals. We will launch your product to the highest level!


  • - Consultancy
  • - Management
  • - Full Time Equivalent
  • - Add-on Services
  • - Launch & Production Support
  • - Digital Marketing

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